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The Airdrie Pregnancy Care Centres is a community-supported, non-profit agency offering assistance to anyone needing pregnancy or family support. 

For over 30 years (in Calgary and then expanding to Airdrie), we have been caring for women, youth, and families. Many of our clients battle poverty, homelessness, and domestic violence. 

As a resource and support centre, we offer a safe and welcoming place to support those facing pregnancy-related challenges, providing a foundation for growth in individuals and families.

The Baby Bottle Campaign is a fun and easy way for all generations to get involved in caring for young families in need. Serving two purposes, this campaign raises funds to support vulnerable women and families in our community and increases awareness of the Centre for those in need of our services.

Facing an unanticipated pregnancy is challenging, and parenting young children can be difficult. It's  even harder when you're isolated. At the Centre, we provide a safe place to process, make decisions, receive practical support, and education. Together this support means better outcomes for generations to come.

Due to COVID-19, thw campaign is primarily online. If you would like a baby bottle, please contact the centre and they will provide the bottle pick-up details or the church does have bottles as well.

To donate to the pregnancy centre click here - HILLSIDE CHURCH TEAM PAGE