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This is a special teaching from Dr. Daniel Brown on understanding spiritual gifts in your life.  

Daniel Brown is one of the most personable, yet provocative, Bible teachers in the kingdom. He gleans thought-provoking as well as practical treasures from the Bible, and expounds them with humor, animation and enthusiasm. Daniel’s unique approach to most subjects makes him well-recognized as an “out of the box” thinker with a distinctive, conversational and decidedly non-religious style. Within minutes, people feel like they have found a friend.

He has authored five books, the latest of which are Embracing Grace (2013) and The Journey (2015). Dr. Brown is best known for resources that help local church leaders, as well as individuals, excel in their spiritual assignment. His simple mission statement is: “Love, mend, train and send people into more ministry than they would think to do on their own.”