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Costa Rica Kids is a School Sponsorship Program through Foursquare Canada Missions where we provide needy children with uniforms, backpacks, all of the school supplies, and shoes in order for them to be able to attend public school.

Every January we reach over 1,000 children in 30 communities (Turrialba, Limon and Perez areas) in the central and east parts of Costa Rica. We work along side the Costa Rica Missions Council visiting these communities to assess the needs of the children and to provide care for them and their families.

And we need your help!

The cost per child is only $125 a year!

We are still in need of 100 more sponsors for January 2023 - families are struggling more than ever and we don't want to have to turn any children away. 

For just $125 a year, you can make the difference in the life of a child and their family!! To sponsor a child, please click on the following link

(The sponsership program is run through our friends at Riverside Community Church)