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The Bookkeeper role is a part-time position dedicated to ensuring the church's financial integrity and compliance. This entails maintaining precise records of accounts payable and receivable, overseeing payroll, and conducting daily financial entries and reconciliations. The responsibilities also include performing daily accounting duties like financial reporting, entering information into the general ledger, and accurately recording payments and adjustments. This crucial role contributes to the overall financial health and transparency of the church's operations.

Job Description:
Recording tithes, offerings, and any other church income
Depositing receivables into the church account
Balancing checking, savings, and investment accounts
Preparing monthly and yearly reports of the church's financial records
Processing payroll

… and more

Consistent and regular attendee of Hillside Church (or another church)
Consistent and regular contributor of tithes to Hillside Church (or another church)
Comfortable with computer skills, embracing technology with ease.
Proficient in Microsoft Excel, bringing experience and familiarity.
Embraces teamwork, connecting well with others through excellent interpersonal skills.
Delivers work with a blend of efficiency and precision, ensuring quality.
Pays attention to details.
Communicates effectively through both written and oral means.
Manages time and stays organized, ensuring tasks are well-handled.
Values details and adheres to deadlines with a keen sense of responsibility.
Possesses strong analytical and problem-solving skills for effective decision-making.

Part-time Position: 10 hours per month
Hourly Rate: $25 per hour

For those interested in applying, please feel free to reach out to Pastor Brad. You can contact him at

We look forward to hearing from you!