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 As many of you are aware with many people being vaccinated and the decline of COVID-19 cases AHS and Premier Kenny  announced that Alberta will be fully reopening in Stage 3 starting July 1! This means we are excited to announce that Hillside Church is also fully reopening our doors starting July 4th!  

With the removal of all restrictions that means starting Sunday, July 4th we are able to no longer require registration to come to church, we will no longer have assigned seating, and you are no longer required to wear a mask (although, you are still more than welcome and loved if you want too). 

We know that this will be a transition for many people who have become accustomed to church@home (which still will be offered) and to a new pattern of doing things.  But over the coming weeks and months we hope and pray that we will be able to see our Hillside Family back together again.