This is the heartbeat of our community at Hillside Church. No matter where you are in your faith journey, there's a meaningful role waiting for you to step into. Serving isn't just about contributing; it's a dynamic way to forge lasting friendships and provide others with an opportunity to encounter Jesus through your actions.

Here's a list of incredible places where you can make a difference at Hillside:




At Hillside Church, we hold a deep belief in the profound significance of kids' ministry. We are convinced that introducing children to the transformative love of God is one of the most crucial endeavors we can undertake. Our lives have been profoundly impacted by the work God accomplished on the cross, and we are committed to sharing this truth with every child who enters our doors.

If you share our passion for nurturing young hearts and guiding them on their faith journey, we invite you to take the next step. Join us in this rewarding mission by filling out the form below. Your involvement can be a powerful force for shaping the lives of the children we serve.

Hillside Youth is a vibrant community of young individuals who come together each week to embark on an incredible journey. We are a tightly-knit group of young hearts, navigating the twists and turns of life's adventure as we explore the depths of who Jesus is and seek to enrich our faith and understanding of the Bible.

If you're eager to be part of this dynamic community, we invite you to take the next step. You can connect with us by following the links below or by reaching out to our Hillside Youth Pastor, Pastor Matt. Join us on this exciting journey of growth, friendship, and faith as we discover the boundless possibilities that await in our walk with Jesus.

The Hillside Worship Team is on a mission to craft a sacred space where our congregation can wholeheartedly worship God through the transformative power of music. Our aim is to guide our community into profound and meaningful worship experiences, ushering God's people into His divine presence.

We achieve this through a commitment to musical excellence, boundless creativity, unwavering passion, and an unwavering reliance on the Holy Spirit's guidance.

If you have a passion for singing or playing a musical instrument and wish to be part of this extraordinary endeavor, we encourage you to take the next step. You can connect with us by following the links below or reaching out to our dedicated Hillside Worship Pastor, Pastor Matt. Join us as we harmoniously journey into God's presence, using the gift of music to deepen our connection with the Almighty.

Small groups are the heartbeat of our church family at Hillside. We hold a sincere hope that every member of our church community takes a moment each week to cultivate meaningful relationships with the individuals they share Sunday mornings with.

Our Small Groups serve as the canvas upon which you can paint the beautiful picture of your relationship with Jesus within the loving embrace of a community. These gatherings are designed to provide the space and support you need to walk out your faith journey in the company of fellow believers.

At Hillside Church, we believe that genuine connections and shared experiences are the building blocks of a thriving faith community. Join us in our Small Groups, and together, let's nurture our relationships with both one another and with Jesus, creating a rich tapestry of faith and fellowship.

The Welcome Team plays a vital role in shaping the first impression our guests have and, in turn, their entire church experience. The warmth and sincerity with which we greet our guests as they enter our doors can have a profound impact on their perception of our church community.

We recognize that the way we make our guests feel when they arrive can potentially influence the course of their lives. It's a responsibility we hold dear and take seriously.

If you share our enthusiasm for extending a warm welcome and creating a positive atmosphere for all who visit, we invite you to take part. Get involved by filling out the form below, and join us in this meaningful endeavor of setting a tone of love, acceptance, and belonging for all who come through our doors. Your contribution can make a world of difference in someone's journey.

Worship at Hillside Church comes alive through the dedication of our behind-the-scenes heroes - the Production Team. These incredible volunteers play a pivotal role in seamlessly blending sound, PowerPoint presentations, and lighting during our services, creating a harmonious and spiritually uplifting experience.

If you have a passion for the technical aspects of worship and wish to contribute your skills, we encourage you to get involved. Your expertise is a crucial component of our worship services, and your commitment to excellence greatly enhances the worship experience for our congregation.

To join our Production Team or learn more, please follow the links below or reach out to our Hillside Worship Pastor, Pastor Matt. Together, let's continue to elevate our worship to new heights, touching the hearts of all who gather to praise and glorify our Creator.

Preparing for our Sunday worship gatherings is a labor of love, and it involves a multitude of essential tasks to ensure a warm and welcoming environment for our church family. From arranging the front room with coffee, tea, and water to making sure the sanctuary is inviting and ready, there's always much to be done.

If you feel drawn to be a part of this behind-the-scenes effort that makes our gatherings special, we invite you to get involved. Your contributions, no matter how small, are incredibly valuable in creating an atmosphere where our church family can come together in unity and worship.

To join this dedicated team or learn more about how you can help, please follow the links below. Your willingness to serve is a beautiful expression of love and community, and it plays a significant role in enhancing our Sunday worship experience.

Our women's community is more than just a gathering; it's a source of strength and encouragement for each woman who walks through our doors. Join us as we embark on a journey of connection, growth, and empowerment in the comforting presence of Christ. Together, we'll find the rest, renewal, and release our hearts yearn for.

Welcome to the Men's Ministry at Hillside Church, where we envision a community of men living in harmony with one another and in deep communion with Christ. Our purpose is clear: to embark on a journey of learning and growth that empowers us to advance God's kingdom here on earth.

Join us on this inspiring path of community, growth, and purpose. Together, as men of faith, we'll discover the joy of living in communion with Christ and making a lasting impact for His kingdom!

The Hillside Prayer Team serves a profound purpose – to envelop our congregation, ministries, and community in the embrace of prayer. We are dedicated to channeling God's boundless love and power towards those who seek His guidance, blessing, strength, encouragement, and comfort.

If you have a heart for prayer and a desire to be a conduit of God's grace, we invite you to join our Prayer Team. Your involvement can make a significant impact on the lives of those we lift up in prayer.

To become part of this transformative ministry or to learn more, please fill out the form below. Together, let's release the power of prayer and become vessels of God's love, blessing, and comfort to those who need it most.