Luke 15:11-17

This week Pastor Brad begins a new series where we see that every day, even today, has the potential to be the day where a new testimony of God's work in our life begins.  And for this week we look at the story of the prodigal’s son and see that he comes to a moment in his life where we discovers it time to go back home.  And Pastor Brad shares that this is the same invitation that God has for us today - it's time to come home.  But like the prodigal’s son, we first have to get up out of the mud.

Also, this week we began a season of people in the church sharing their stories with the church.  It’s a chance for the church to hear about God's goodness and faithfulness in the lives of others that will hopefully fill us with hope and courage about what God can do in our lives.  This week’s story is from Julie Martin.

Music: 'The Detour' - FAITHFUL ft. Savannah Lock, Sarah Kroger & Tamar Chipp